Cavallo Mirror Fair New York

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Over 100 years ago, Stefano and Louise Cavallo immigrated to NYC, bringing with them the key elements to launch a successful business: their knowledge of, and passion for, fine antiques.

Selling to the top designers of the day, they began leading a team of artisans creating the finest of mirrors, using centuries-old techniques. Mirror Fair was born.

Stefan Cavallo, the 2nd generation, pursued twin careers, leading the family business building exquisite mirrors while following his passion for flying. "Mr. Cavallo," as he is known became one of the first test pilots in the NASA program.

Today, at 94, the elder Cavallo follows both his passions, walking to work at Mirror Fair from his NYC townhouse on weekdays and flying his Cessna Cardinal with a copilot on weekends.

2015: Stephen Cavallo, the third generation, is leading Mirror Fair in a new direction.

Stephen says, “We're creating hand cast glass architectural mouldings and Antique Mirror Interiors which combine the finest elements of 18th century hand craftsmanship with the best of 21st century design.

Contemporary designers are completely amazed and inspired – and it's all being handmade in Manhattan today, creating a new future for an extraordinary 100-year old family business.